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June 12, the National Audit Office issued a bulletin on the 1st, announced the three cases of illegal incidents audit found relief funds and materials, including Industrial and Commercial Bank is located in the disaster area with relief Fucheng branch "special fee" buy Nike sneakers problem. In this regard, the ICBC branch in Mianyang June 13 to NetEase Finance issued a "buy sneakers Fucheng branch on the situation described by the cost of relief" (hereinafter referred to as the "Description"). (See June 12, 2008 China Economic Net) However, a closer look at this statement, there is not difficult to draw the essence of the problem too obscure. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Description Mianyang Branch of ICBC four issues, including the source of funds and disbursed provisions, buy shoes reasons and problems, deal with the situation after the incident, the attitude on the matter and determination. It should be said, this explanation satisfactory and written expression of problems of interpretation are impeccable. The question is: It begs the question! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; What Fucheng branch approved by the head office of columns supporting relief "special fee" to purchase the substance of Nike sneakers is it? That is: by the relief of the machine to solve employee benefits. The reason, says the key is to wear designer shoes do not need to evacuate, Nike and the like. In the Sichuan earthquake, as very serious geological disasters, rubble everywhere and sharp stones, wea Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping r shoes evacuation of course not, but more suitable is Jiefang Xie or sneakers, 28,520 yuan to spend money to buy 56 pairs of Nike shoes, 500 per average double Yu Yuan, can say to evacuate need it? Moreover, this type of necessities for shoes, entirely should be borne by the individual. If indeed lost their homes due to the earthquake, even shoes are not, collective buy shoes excusable. The problem is that not the case. In addition, open, according to invoices fraud, it is a blessing to solve the problem of supporting staff. If at the time of purchase Nike shoes, they think meet the ICBC headquarters allocated relief provisions for time-consuming for the "Maintaining the safety of employees affected areas and basic living, to preserve assets and maintain outlets basic operation" is indeed out of the need to evacuate, do not have to open, according to the sales invoice fraud, the trade name filled in as raincoats, boots and umbrellas. Thus, not only as "the high price" Mianyang Branch in the description called "too wasteful," "violation of financial discipline", but by relief collective self-serving question, this is the essence of the problem. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; For questions ICBC Fucheng branch with relief "special fee" buy Nike sports shoes, ICBC has been made in time, bankers were suspended, the responsible persons of the criticism and education, Employees pay a purchase shoes. Under normal circumstances, this should not be a matter entangled. The problem is cheap jordans online that nowadays the official prevalence of one kind of unhealthy, it is this: out of the question not face problems, but do everything possible to cover up, then trying to hide something to cover live the sophistry, to try to fool the public, which is obviously our party seek truth from facts ideological line opposite. "Explanation" The crux of the ICBC in this, it is necessary to give remedy. This lesson, more units and cadres to seriously learn to make official whitewash of unhealthy practices can be corrected.summer approaching, the recent addition to the adidas pure Boost ZG prime new color offensive constantly, there are new shoes on, use cloth, rear foot toe with surrounding elastic belt, and looks more riding type collar design, is expected to be more comfortable feeling, one of the most special shoes should be design, adidas shoes, usually in the side or other parts to see clear design three lines, signs of this pair of shoes is not obvious, only three lines on the lateral side of the toe, but through a special method to create a shoelace tied to another if hidden if the feeling in addition, this color is expected to have a black and olive green, now can be found in the Foot Locker. source: Sneaker b0bBenjamin "Benji" Wilson is a Chicago local youth basketball genius, in 1984 at the Simeon Vocational High School led the school's first state Championship win, this is also the Chicago Bulls basketball elite wind rose Rose's alma mater, while Rose year number 25 is Retro jordans for sale inherited from the seniors, but this is all about Nova was in a street shot in the fall, rather unfortunately, Nike and London ILoveDust created Benji Wilson Pack to pay tribute to his achievements and remind you not to repeat. The combination of the shoes for the latest Hyperdunk, yellow and blue color from Simeon Vocational High School uniform color laser engraved on the heel, the word "BENJI", a small plaque and memorial tag and with a Benjamin Wilson number, by ILoveDust special wooden plate part from recovery reconstruction of the gym floor again. The laser carving out representing the year state championship glory pattern, regardless of unique shoes or is the story of the connotation is a combination with the value of the collection. source: freshnessmag whenever the start of new season on the occasion, the players feet have become the focus of attention is not on their exploration. Has 42 years of basketball shoes design experience in Nike, in various styles of continuity and inheritance, for everyone to bring this Nike One Zoom Run The warm echo. for each new pair of shoes, the Taiwanese Nike basketball shoes design director Leo Chang will work with the team to integrate resources, and feedback from the players on the field, followed by the design of shoes. Leo Chang also said this season Nike has many interesting and the latest technology, and this year will be more focused on innovation and development. This time, Zoom Run The One designer Tony Hardman cheap jordans for sale mens talked about the inspiration from owning and rapidly changing speed and the direction of the ball agile defenders, so also will the shoes named on the court on behalf of the "1" and "running the one". however, two guard James Harden also frequently in the game with this Zoom Run The One, in addition to a low cylinder shape itself preference, Flywire technology and the design of the body of the shoe sock can firmly lock the feet at the end of the outer groove design also have quite good grip. In addition, this version is also on the insole, with "Harden beard" and "THREE THE HARDEN WAY" word design, add personal characteristics. 0404 0505 0606 0707 0202 concludes that the performance is approximately as follows: - the open mesh upper offers good ventilation performance of - bottom design provide support and durability on both sides of the by James Harden in the Rockets' opening match, the red / volt color match will be sold at 11/15 USA time limit. source: Nike, IncFILA in the end final breath released three legendary replica basketball shoes, three pairs of strong 90s classic style shoes, each with NBA star style, material and technology integration of popular elements and other elements, three on stage at the same time, related to store information can refer to the FILA website or via the customer service hotline: 0800-423238 contact. Legend of FILA 95 and Grant Hill always let the fans relish, both in his rookie season on the issue of star shoes, or e cheap foamposites xquisite extraordinary skills and star quality to win Mr. perfect title, even as Jordan's successor, FILA 95 published immediately became the focus of the spotlight, with Hill NBA won the best rookie of the year award. Shoes design echoes in blue and white shoe buckle base, the tongue F-BOX LOGO in staggered laces in linear lines throughout the wave partly hidden and partly visible, in the end, the rear surface of striking inverted triangle is the focus of LOGO is the most absorbing eye. FILA 95 copy only in the United States of Taiwan and Footlocker FILA store counters two synchronization issue, want to buy friends do not miss this rare opportunity, Taiwan FILA 95 NT$pricing 2980 yuan. to the famous FILA MB Fauvism style, in December this year in the name of Spin Crazy launched an upgraded version, rotating wild vision totem has once again become the focus, the use of embossed technology has upper exaggerated and gorgeous texture texture, 90s hardcore style of basketball show most vividly, filled with solid brand latex embossed on vamp, enhance the delicacy of the shoe side of the rotating pattern extends to the rubber outsole, showing a new style of play over classical waves. FILA MB:Crazy Spin launched the BnW version of the classic black beast evolution and Dallas 3J Memorial color, giving NBA fans to relive the overall style of 3J. FILA MB: Crazy Spin Taiwan pricing NT$5880 yuan. THE CAGE once again return to the most joint replica of the classic FILA's release Cheap air jordans for sale , all-match modeling and Q play a basketball shoes experience, one of the most popular. The annotation on the insole Black Diamond new Taiwan, is the world's only limited edition version of the design of creative thinking from the diamond under extreme pressure and high temperature, have the qualitative change over time, after cutting to produce a sparkling, dazzling bright light, FILA with diamond cutting lines, into the pop gray staggered Collage, showing a kaleidoscope of gorgeous vamp style. The THE CAGE:Black Diamond version combines natural leather and diamond prints, black and white contrasting colors, whether sports, leisure or "〉"Retro representative Puma's jogging shoes R698 shine in recent years can be said to be, whether it is with the brand launched exciting joint projects, or is the brand itself to shoe design requirements, all through multiple interesting inspiration so as to bring the new feeling very different. Recently released a series of new color matching, let a person smell strong autumn and winter breath, choose slippery suede as the main material for shoes, to create a unique high sense of enjoyment. source: HYPEBEAST had previously exposed? Jordan CP3.VI Jordan CP3.VI AE version of the playoffs? Now have real shoes color more clearly if released, two are Jordan Brand products in common black and white red color, from the appearance point of view is the biggest change in the shape of the upper frame, in the bottom of the configuration o Retro jordans for sale f the is still the same? Podulon technology, it will be listed in the United States, please continue to look forward to more detailed information. source: sneakernews?Nike Kobe A.D. 'Midnight Navy' in Taiwan in February 1st will be sold in a particular store, the price of 5400 yuan for you, we currently have announced prospecting shoe finishing selling dealer link in the Facebook way, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement of smile source: Nike, following the previously reported new adidas Rose 3.5 color with metallic lustre, came in the 90s Adidas Real Deal on the classic pair of shoes! This pair of shoes is full of many classic elements inside the shoe body, thick and full collocation with streamline shape, bold design is a must in the end, this was a popular design style and thus give birth to many classical styles. this color will be sold at for $110 recently. source: solecollectorin the summer season, the most appropriate than wearing sandals, Japanese brand SUICOKE is also developing a new joint cooperative design. This section with the Japanese brand DELUXE cooperation SUICOKE DEPA V2 sandals, using a variety of different combinations of the elements into the gray, the vamp straps inside, with red decorative details, the heel position of loading the DELUXE brand logo, adhering to the cheap jordans for sale DELUXE injection and low profile and heavy style performance, this new currently in Tokyo Bridge shop; buy, priced at 18900 yen. Trekker is in the shape of the most slender delicate in this series, but this design did not affect the bag of powerful storage, because it has a strong capacity and a number of exclusive compartments can be placed notebook computer and all kinds of small objects, also equipped with breathable mesh strap, shoulder in addition to use, also can messenger wear, such thoughtful design allows you to use more ways to wear this backpack. If you are interested, please pay attention to the following purchase information. autumn Trekker men's backpacks slender exquisite& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Although US multinationals generally well received by the impact of the US dollar, but the strong the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer and retailer Nike (Nike) performance, fiscal year 2015 Fourth quarter online sales rose 51 percent from a year earlier, the fiscal year 2015 the online sales rose 55%. Nike through Nike + platform is open O2O whole channels, to create strong user stickiness sports ecosystem. Domestic, Wanda is accelerating the layout of the sports industry, this year will acquire three sports enterprises, aims to become the world's first sports industry. Recently, the British advertising giant WWP Company reported 2015 global apparel brand value ranking, according to t cheap jordan shoes for men he published financial reports of enterprises and brand consumers do question survey and other indicators, Nike is still the continuation of last year's winning score, 2015 Nike brand value of $ 29.717 billion, an increase of 21 percent over the previous year. It billion euros net understand, Nike's predecessor Blue Ribbon Sports was established in January 25, 1964, is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with the exception of the same name brand outside, Nike also owns and operates Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike +, Air Jordan, Nike Blazers, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Air Max, Foamposite, Nike Skateboarding and sub-brands Brand Jordan, Hurley International and Converse. online sales topped $ 1 billion For Nike, the 2015 fiscal year was a year of great breakthrough, moving side traffic over the PC side, online sales over $ 1 billion for the first time. Nike sports brand has been the application of technology advocate and leader. In the field of digital and all-channel retail, Nike also maintained an industry leader gesture. In North America, Nike has three main retail channels: A brand experience store. Merchandise at full price sales, customer perception Nike brand strength and the ultimate sports experience in brand experience stores, access to the most cutting-edge technologies, products and services, the brand experience store also set a different campaign themes running, football, basketball. two, Nike will be its official website positioned to expa Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping nd the network collaboration services, to provide a more convenient shopping experience channels. None wants to buy goods in physical stores inside, you can search directly through the official website linked to the United States in any store to view inventory, and finally get free delivery of services through these purchasing channels, in collaboration with a combination of online and offline services to meet the needs of more buyers in order to achieve a more user-friendly and convenient shopping experience. Third, Nike Factory Store. Factory shop is a discount brand, in the image, goods, price, service has its own characteristics, which the superiority up prices to attract customers to its Fuji magic. Nike factory store discount, generally about 3.5-fold winter models in spring and autumn discounts at about 4 fold, summer discounts in about 3 fold. Internet Retailer published in 2015 Internet Retailer 500, Nike ranked No. 61. As of the 2015 annual financial report of May 21: ?? online sales reached $ 1.19 billion, an increase of 55.1%; ?? total revenue reached $ 30.6 billion, compared with the 2014 fiscal year $ 27.79 billion, up 10.1%; Retail sales ?? from online and offline sources from double the $ 5.3 billion in 2014 rose to $ 6.63 billion, an increase of 25.1%; ?? online sales accounted for 3.9%, compared with 2.8% the previous year, showing an upward trend; ?? net profit rose from $ 2.69 billion in 2014 to $ 3.27 billion, an increase of 21.6%. It seems from the earnings, Nike online performance has not been the summer downturn stronger dollar and clothing retailing. This is also the Nike always attached importance to the whole channel ecosystem to build effective campaign, Nike think digital is the innovation of the engine, its digital strategy aims to create a movement of ecosystems, including the main aspects are: consumer interaction, e-commerce, and science and technology products. Nike + built O2O ecological platform 2013 ?? 11 ?? 11 ??, Nike launched the micro-channel running target population for public services account Nike + Run Club, which is just a part of the Nike + online community in China. Billion euros net after article "Nike O2O essence: data and guide social consumption": 2010 launch for mobile applications running sport Nike + Running; 2011, the cooperation with TomTom has introduced a sports watch with a GPS positioning function last year, Nike even launched a wearable device - Sports wristband Fuelband, 2014 October further released the second generation of products --Fuelband SE, which also marks the Fuelband been incorporated into the Nike line of conventional products; early November 2014, Nike iPhone 5s for the daily activities in a dynamic co-processor built M7 recording applications tailored Nike + Move has officially landed App Store. On the other hand, Nike in China's first line of women's experience stores, in December 2014 in Shanghai iAPM mall opened a mysterious veil. In fact, the first woman to experience the store like a women's sports club, covers an area of ??420 square meters, in addition to providing about 100 models of sports products, the store also installed the mainland's first Nike + gait analysis system. Experience store will be invited from time to time fitness instructor, health professionals and private sports style consultant interact with consumers. ecological core platform O2O Nike + structures is the use of mobile Internet and other new technologies, the formation of online and offline interactive consumption. By analyzing the exercise habits and brand the user location information can only be precision marketing, but also to understand the actual needs of users, design more in line with user needs sports products. For super Wanda Nike, the global sports industry leader do Wind statistics show that the global sports industry in 2013, an increase of nearly $ 900 billion, of which the United States accounted for nearly half of the sports industry, the annual growth of 450 billion US dollars, accounting for 2.93% of GDP in the United States in 2103, the sports industry has It became one of America's top ten economic pillar industries. In contrast, in 2013 China's sports industry increased by only $ 50 billion, representing approximately 0.56% of GDP, China's sports industry is still in its infancy. December 19, 2014, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the views of sports consumption," formally issued, noting that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan, to promote sustained economic and social development has become an important force. 2015 in January to 44.98 million euros Wanda acquire a 20% stake in Atletico Madrid; in February 2015, and led to 100% of the shares ? 1 billion acquisition ???? Sports Media Group, Infront is the world's second Great sports marketing company, is one of the sports media production and broadcast company the world's largest. Through the above two acquisitions, Wanda realized the control of global sports industry upstream industry resources. In addition, Wanda also revealed that the three sports will continue to mergers and acquisitions business this year, it is important that these acquisitions can sport the company's sports ground in China, because of the huge potential of the Chinese sports market scale. In fact, in addition to Wang Jianlin, Wanda want to seize the sports industry market, the layout of China's sports industry heavyweights as well as Xu Jiayin, Ma and other. Nike use of mobile Internet technology, with Nike + O2O ecological platform to build a public abreast of trends and its competitiveness with a strong brand, to achieve full channel-than-expected growth in online and offline, it can continue to occupy the market share. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)